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First and foremost, successful event planning begins with determining the objective that the client or organization wants to achieve. Opus Strategies oversees the creation, development, and execution of a variety of large-scale events through several essential steps: studying the brand, identifying its target audience, formulating the event concept, coordinating the technicalities, as well as actually launching the event. 


Our goal is to develop and deliver public affairs strategies that define and position clients clearly and memorably with even the toughest target audiences. Opus Strategies develops a full understanding of our client’s objectives, processes, obstacles, and growth opportunities in order to best protect shareholder value and alleviate the client’s overall risk. 

Every day government regulations, new laws, and procurement decisions affect the objectives of businesses and organizations. Success means constantly building understanding and trust through strong and lasting relationships with decision makers and policy-shapers. These relationships support our client’s objectives. 

By effectively managing vital government relationships for leading corporations and organizations, Opus Strategies provides opportunities for our clients to establish meaningful relationships with public policy leaders as well as strengthen current political relations. 

Opus Strategies assists corporations in defining their philanthropic efforts to further their brand. Through community engagement, companies can frame their charitable giving in a meaningful way to address issues affecting the well-being of their customers, employees, vendors and stakeholders. In turn, companies influence and serve as catalysts for changing policies, programs, and practices. Through consistent and effective communication and engagement in local communities, we help you create a strategy to maximize the impact of your gifts and further your brand objectives. 



Career Readiness has become a top priority for the K-16 education and workforce community. The importance of ensuring that students graduate prepared to flourish in college and careers begins with the complete comprehension of skills and knowledge beyond the traditional classroom subjects. Opus Strategies works with industry partners and government leaders to create and customize impactful partnerships and programs to provide career and technical education opportunities for all students. The end result - providing a clear path forward for a students' life-long success in high wage and high demand occupations in a global marketplace.

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